What we do


Behind everything we do stands our desire to keep on learning and keep on transmitting what we care about, with the goal to contribute to a better food system.


We like to cook for events we can stand behind. If it is a catering, a workshop or a gastronomic concept: we want to make you experience real, honest and delicious food.


Exploring not only behind the pots but also behind the camera. We use photos and videos as a medium to showcase culture, traditions and people that stand behind your food, always trying to inspire and getting inspired.


Some Impressions

Salone del Gusto 2016, the edible commandments
Cortona on the move 2016
Tavole Acchademice, Unisg mensa, the edible commandments, 2016, university of gastronomic sciences
12 edible commandments, the edible commandments, 2014, gastronomic society

Our Roots